CRJ 700 Checklist OfNoteTo

CRJ 700 Checklist

Airborne 12-20kts 146kts 250kts 250kts 5 degree descent Acars Apu Off Autopilot Engage Autopilot Off Avonics Off Battery Off Engines Off Flaps Flaps Flaps Flight Plan Level Gear Gear Generators Off ILS/APP Inverter Off Lights Off Mach 0.81 Off Runway Reverse -> 60kts Spd Brake Spd Brake Taxi Clearence Via Arrival Via Departure Pre-Flight 12-20kts …

CRJ 700 Checklist

Trip Preparation Checklist OfNoteTo

Trip Preparation Checklist

Essential Items AC Batteries Beverages Books Camera Chargers Contact lenses Eyeglasses Games Hat iPod Keys (Home and auto) Laptop Lens case Lens prescription Magazines Medication Passports Identification Puzzles Raingear Reservation confirmation Snacks Sun protection Sunglasses Tickets Toiletries Toys Umbrella USB drives Vitamins Finances Entrance fees cost Foreign currency Get small bills for tipping Notify CC …

Trip Preparation Checklist

Travel Checklist OfNoteTo

Travel Checklist

Carry on baggage Music player Notebook Pen Phone Playing cards Power plug adapters Wallet Watch Batteries Book Camera Film Games Keys Magazine Memory card Clothing Belts Big towel Blouses Coats Dresses Flipflops Formal or Dressy clothing if attending an event Gloves Jackets Jeans Pajamas Polos Raincoat Raincoats Scarves Shirts Shoes Shorts Skirts Sleepwear Slippers Sneakers …

Travel Checklist

International Travel Checklist OfNoteTo Must Have

International Travel Checklist

Clothes Bathing suit Hat Light jacket Light scarf/wrap Long-sleeved shirts Nice outfit Sweater Tank tops Washcloth Pairs of PJs Pairs of shorts Pairs of socks Pairs of underwear/2 bras Work-out outfits Pairs of jeans/pants Quick-dry towel Short-sleeved shirts Skirts or dresses Documents Airline round-trip tickets Copies Internationally accepted credit cards Passport Proof of Purchase State …

International Travel Checklist

Printable Travel Packing List OfNoteTo

Packing Checklist

Accessories Belts Hat Jewelry Purses Scarf Sunglasses Umbrella Watch Electronics Adpters/Converters Camera Cell Phone + Charger e-Reader Film or Memory Card Headphones/Ear Plugs iPad/Tablet Laptop Shoes Boots Dress Shoes / Heels Flats Sandals Specialty Tennis Shoes Toiletries Body Wash / Soap Deodorant Eye drops / Contact Solution Facewash Hand / Body Lotion Shampoo & Conditioner …

Packing Checklist

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