Everything You Need to Know About Potato Peanut Butter for Rabbits

Everything You Need to Know About Potato Peanut Butter for Rabbits

If you are a rabbit owner, you may be wondering if it is safe to give your pet rabbits potato peanut butter. Wonder no more! In this blog post, we will answer all of your questions about potato peanut Butter for rabbits. What is it? Is it safe? How much should I feed my rabbits? We will cover everything you need to know about feeding your furry friends this delicious treat!

What is Potato Peanut Butter?

Potato peanut butter is made from potatoes, peanuts and salt. The peanuts give the treat a delicious flavor and added protein while the salty seasoning makes your rabbit want more! This food can be fed as-is or crushed for smaller rabbits and bunnies who may not be able to eat large pieces.

When should I give my rabbits potato peanut butter?

Rabbits should have access to raw potato peanut butter at all times as a tasty and nutritious treat. I like to feed my bunnies this food as a special surprise or after they finish their daily run around the house!

How much potato peanut butter do rabbits eat a day?

Rabbits eat approximately 1/2 cup of potato peanut butter a day. Since this treat is high in protein and fat, it should only be fed in moderation if your rabbit has diabetes or other health problems.

What potato peanut butter is safe for rabbits?

Most brands of potato peanut butter are safe for rabbits. However, it is important to read the ingredients carefully and make sure that no sugar, oils or other unhealthy additives have been added.

What is your experience feeding potato peanut butter to rabbits?

I have been feeding my rabbits raw potato peanut butter for many years. It is one of their favorite treats because it has a strong flavor that makes them crave more! I also let my older bunnies eat this treat as often as they want to keep them happy and healthy!

Is potato peanut butter bad for rabbits?

Potatoes are safe for rabbits, but peanuts contain a lot of fat that can be harmful to your pet’s health if fed in excess. If you follow the guidelines in this blog post, your rabbits should be able to enjoy this treat and stay healthy and happy!

Is it safe to feed potato peanut butter to your pet rabbits?

Yes! Potato Peanut Butter is safe for rabbits and offers a tasty alternative to other treats. Just remember not to overfeed your bunny this delicious treat!

Where can I get potato peanut butter for my rabbits?

Potato peanut butter is readily available at most pet stores and farm supply stores. If you cannot find this treat, check with your local farmers to see if they sell any raw peanuts or plan to make their own homemade treats.

What to do if your pet rabbits are sick from eating potato peanut butter?

If your bunnies have eaten a large quantity of potato peanut butter, there may be signs of stomach problems which can include constipation or diarrhea. In these cases, soak some hay in water and feed it to your rabbits as a treat. If you think your rabbit(s) is sick from eating too many peanuts, contact your vet immediately.

Do rabbits like potato peanut butter?

Rabbits love this treat! In fact, most bunnies cannot resist the tasty flavor and will try anything that contains a small piece of this delicious food. It is important to remember that although potatoes are safe for rabbits, peanuts should only be fed in moderation due to their high fat content.

Can pet rabbits eat potato peanut butter?

Yes! Rabbits are designed to eat almost anything, including potato peanut butter. This treat is especially beneficial for older rabbits who may have lost some of their teeth or any rabbit that has trouble eating tough pieces of hay or vegetables. Unlike other treats, potatoes can be given often without causing harm to your rabbits health.

4 good substitutes for potato peanut butter

1. Sprouted Wheat Bread

Sprouted wheat bread has similar properties as raw potatoes and is easy to find at most grocery stores.  It’s also a great substitute for those rabbits who are sensitive to wheat!

2. Carrots

Carrots may be familiar to you as a “tooth cleaner” but most bunnies love the taste and will enjoy this crunchy treat.  Just make sure not to overfeed carrots because they contain natural sugars similar to potatoes!

3. Grass

Similar to carrots, grass is natural and easy to find in most backyards.  Rabbits enjoy eating grass so this treats is both nutritious and healthy!

4. Bugs/Insects

While you may not want your rabbits hunting for bugs in the wild, they can be an excellent source of protein for domesticated bunnies.  Be sure to check with your vet before feeding insects of any kind.

4 health benefits of potato peanut butter for rabbits

1.  Supports  Anti-Inflammatory Properties

As mentioned earlier, potatoes and peanuts both contain anti-inflammatory properties that can help support your rabbit’s health as they grow older!

2.  Helps Turn Food into Energy

Potato peanut butter is a great source of protein and fat which can provide quick energy for your rabbits when they are in need.

3.  Supports  Healthy Skin and Coat

Rabbits who eat raw potato peanut butter regularly will have healthy, shiny coats that are easy to maintain! This treat also helps support a healthy digestive tract which means no more nasty poos!

4.  Increases  Appetite and Prevents  Obesity

Rabbits who eat this treat will be healthier and more active! This means they may even burn off some of those calories and become less obese. Just make sure not to give your rabbit too much or you run the risk of increasing their appetite even more!

6 Possible concerns when feeding potato peanut butter to rabbits

1.  Insufficient  Fiber

While peanuts are high in fiber, potatoes are not. Since your pet is already eating lots of protein and fat, you will want to include other sources of fiber in their diet as well to keep them regular!

2.  Too Much  Fat

Just like humans, rabbits can become obese if they eat too much fat. Potato peanut butter is high in protein but it also contains an unreasonable amount of oil each serving. Be sure to give your bunny this treat sparingly or only after a run or play session!

4.  Too Much  Protein

Along with being high in fat, potato peanut butter is also high in protein. Rabbits only need 20-30 grams of protein a day and can become sick if they eat more than this. Be sure to give your bunnies a good selection of vegetables to make up for their lack of fiber!

6.  Phytic Acid

Rabbits are herbivores and do not need to eat grains, nuts or seeds. A diet high in phytic acid is hard for them to digest which can lead to tooth problems!

7 steps to prepare potato peanut butter for rabbits.

1.  Wash  Your Potato (optional)

If you choose to wash your potatoes, take care not to soak them in water for too long.  This can actually start the cooking process and leave you with a soggy mess!

2.  Skin Your Potato (optional)

I recommend leaving the skin on your potato when making this recipe because it is high in fiber which will help keep your bunny regular! However, if your rabbit is not used to eating the skin then it’s best to take it off before you start.

3.  Peel Your Potato (optional)

Everyone has their own way of peeling a potato! Choose your favorite and peel away. Once you’re done, check out the next step!

4.   Grate Your Potato

To get the “potato peanut butter” consistency, you will want to grate your potato until all that is left are tiny bits.  Once again, everyone has their own way of grating a potato! You can use a cheese grater or even chop it up by hand!

5.  Add in Your Peanut Butter

At this point, you can add in your peanut butter or leave it plain. I would recommend adding a small amount to the mixture and seeing how your rabbit reacts before going all out! If everything goes well, add a little more until you get the consistency you’re looking for!

6.  Mix the Ingredients Together

Depending on how many potatoes you have, you can vary the amounts of everything. I would recommend starting with one potato and two tablespoons of peanut butter. Mix it up well so that your rabbit gets a balanced treat!

7.  Store in the Freezer!

The best way to store this treat is in the freezer! The colder it gets, the harder and crunchier your peanut butter will become. Keep this treat out on the counter for no more than an hour before putting it back in the freezer!

4 signs pet rabbits are sick from feeding potato peanut butter.

1.  Dry, patchy skin

Since this treat is high in protein and fat, it may cause a rabbit’s digestive system to become upset! They may have diarrhea or start losing weight. If you notice that your pet’s stomach looks dry and flaky, call the veterinarian immediately!

2.   Sudden Weight Loss

Similar to the first symptom, your pet may lose weight suddenly. If you notice that they are not eating as much or their stomach seems abnormally small, contact a veterinarian!

3.   Lack of Energy

If one day your normally active bunny starts lazing around more than usual, there could be something wrong with their diet! Potato peanut butter is high in fat and protein, so your rabbit may not have the energy to run around!

4.  Rumbles/ Growling

If you ever hear rumbles or growling coming from your pet’s stomach, they are probably sick. This could be a sign of an upset stomach or even bloat which can lead to serious health problems! Be sure to consult a veterinarian right away if this happens.

By And Large

So, there you have it – everything you need to know about potato peanut butter for rabbits. Have we missed anything? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to share this post with your fellow rabbit lovers!

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