Food for Your Rabbits: Lavender

Food for Your Rabbits: Lavender

Many people use lavender in their home for its calming qualities, but did you know that it is also safe to feed lavender to your pet rabbits? Lavender has many health benefits for rabbits and can be a great addition to your rabbit’s diet. We hope this article will answer all of the questions you have about feeding your pet rabbits with lavender.

What is lavender?

Lavender is considered a hybrid, which means it creates its own seeds to reproduce. There are many different species of lavender and they all vary slightly in appearance. The most common type of lavender has purple flowers that turn into small, dark purple berries when ripe. Lavender can be grown indoors or outdoors in your garden or on your patio.

How often should I give my rabbits lavender?

You should only feed your pet rabbit small amounts of lavender every day until their digestive system is used to it. You can then slowly increase how often you give your rabbits lavender.

How much lavender do rabbits eat a day?

You should only give your pet rabbits a small portion of lavender each day. To start, try giving them 1-2 flowers each day and observe how they react to the new treat. They may be more interested in the purple flowers than the lavender leaves, but both parts of the plant are safe to eat.

What lavender are safe for rabbits?

Only feed your rabbit pure, organic lavender or purple flowers from the species Lavandula angustifolia. Other types of lavender are not safe for rabbits because they can be toxic or cause a blockage in their digestive system.

What is your experience feeding lavender to rabbits?

I have shared lavender with my pet rabbits for many years. They love the taste of lavender and it is helpful in treating their digestive issues. Some breeders also use lavender to calm their pets before they are used for breeding.

Are lavender bad for rabbits?

No, lavender is not bad for rabbits and it can even help treat many different health conditions in rabbits.

Is it safe to feed lavender to your pet rabbits?

Yes, feeding lavender to your rabbits is completely safe. The only time you should stop giving your pet rabbits lavender is if they start showing signs of illness from eating too much.

Where can I get lavender for my rabbits?

Lavender can be found in many different health food stores and online shops.

What to do if your pet rabbits are sick from eating lavender?

If your pet rabbit suddenly stops eating or starts having diarrhea, contact a veterinarian right away. It could be from eating too much lavender.

Do rabbits like lavender?

Rabbits should enjoy eating lavender because it tastes sweet and smells nice. They will especially love the purple flowers, which can be used in many different types of rabbit treats.

Can pet rabbits eat lavender?

Rabbits can eat lavender as a treat or they can eat it as a supplement to their daily diet.

Food family of lavender.

Lavender is part of the Lamiaceae family, which also includes spearmint, rosemary, thyme, basil, oregano and sage. This type of herb has long green stems topped with purple flowers.

4 good substitutes for lavender.

Many people who cannot find or do not want to feed their rabbits lavender can try these other herbs and flowers: chamomile, dandelion, echinacea, lemongrass and peppermint. Each of these alternative options is safe for pet rabbits and they taste great, too!

4 steps to prepare lavender for rabbits.

  1. Harvest the lavender plants by cutting the stems.
  2. Rinse off any dirt or dust on the plants with lukewarm water.
  3. Dry out the lavender in small bunches using either a sunny window, fan or hair dryer (on low heat). You can also hang them upside down outdoors during dry weather.
  4. Store the dried lavender in a sealed container and keep it in a cool, dry place for up to one year.

7 health benefits of lavender for rabbits.

  1. Lavender increases urine production, which prevents urinary tract infections from occurring often in pet rabbits.
  2. This herb can help calm your pet rabbit down.
  3. Lavender can help treat digestive issues in rabbits, including bloating, indigestion and gas.
  4. Lavender contains natural fungicides that are effective against both internal and external parasites in rabbits.
  5. It aids with weight gain by increasing your pet’s appetite and the speed of their metabolism.
  6. Lavender can be used to treat anemia in rabbits so they have more energy and recover from illness faster.
  7. Some rabbit owners also use lavender to calm their pets before a vet visit or for breeding.

5 Possible concerns when feeding lavender to rabbits.

  1. Lavender is not good for pregnant rabbits because it can cause contractions and make the birthing process difficult. Consult a rabbit-savvy veterinarian for more information if you plan on breeding your pet rabbits.
  2. Rabbits need to eat hay every day, including alfalfa and timothy grass, but they should not eat lavender on a regular basis because it can cause calcium deficiencies and digestive issues.
  3. If you have more than one pet bunny, make sure they do not eat from the same source of lavender or too much could be ingested when combined with each other’s.
  4. Feeding your pet rabbits lavender while they are on antibiotics can cause the medication to be ineffective.
  5. Always check with your veterinarian before feeding your pet any herb or plant, including lavender.

6 signs of sickness from rabbits eating lavender

  1. Diarrhea is a common sign of digestive distress in rabbits, especially if they suffer from an upset stomach after eating lavender.
  2. Vomiting is a sign that your pet rabbit ate too much lavender or it may have eaten the wrong type of plant because it resembles the herb lavender. Consult a veterinarian if you notice vomiting in your pet rabbits.
  3. Lethargy is another sign from eating too much lavender, which can make your pet sluggish, weak or depressed.
  4. Decreased appetite is another sign of digestive issues in rabbits that have eaten too much lavender.
  5. Constipation may result from eating lavender because its water content is low and it is hard to digest. If you notice this symptom in your pet rabbits, talk to a vet as soon as possible.
  6. Rabbits may also experience tremors from ingesting too much lavender, especially if they have not had any of this plant before.

5 tips for feeding your pet rabbits lavender safely

  1. When first introducing your rabbit to the taste of lavender, give it a small amount and watch for any negative reactions.
  2. Never feed your rabbits lavender if they are pregnant because it can induce labor and make birthing difficult for your pet rabbits.
  3. Make sure the lavender you give to your rabbits is dry when picked, but do not let it get too dry or it will lose its potency.
  4. Feed your pet rabbits a little bit of lavender at a time so they can get accustomed to it gradually, this also helps avoid over eating or digestive issues from eating too much lavender in one sitting.
  5. Always store the dried lavender in a sealed container and keep it in a cool, dry place that is inaccessible to children and pets.

In The Final Analysis

We hope that this blog post has given you all the information you need to know about lavender and how it can be used for your rabbits. If there are any questions or comments, please comment below! For more tips on caring for your pet bunny, feel free to check out our other blogs posts. Have a great day everyone!

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