Java Apple for Pet Rabbits: Questions & Answer

Java Apple for Pet Rabbits: Questions & Answer

If you’re wondering if your pet rabbits can eat java apples, this article will answer all of your questions. We’ll cover everything from whether or not they like them to where you can get some!

Food family of java apple

The java apple is a food for rabbits in the rose family.

How often should I give my rabbits java apple?

Apples should only be given to rabbits about once a week. If it’s fed more often then this can lead to digestive problems. Additionally, too many apples will not be good for your bunny and they may become sick or injured from eating them.

How much java apple do rabbits eat a day?

There are no set amounts of Java apples that you should feed your rabbit. Rabbits have different personalities so some will eat more than others. Additionally, it is also important to consider the size of your rabbit when feeding them any type of fruit or vegetable.

What java apples are safe for rabbits?

Only healthy, ripe java apples should be fed to your rabbit. If you’re unsure if the apple is good for them then don’t feed it! There are no health benefits in doing so and it can be dangerous instead.

What is your experience feeding java apples to rabbits?

I feed my bunnies an apple about once a week and they love them! If you’re wondering what’s the best way to prepare an apple for rabbits it’s to cut it up into pieces rather than feeding the entire apple.

Are java apples bad for rabbits?

It depends on the rabbit. Some bunnies can consume a large amount of apples and be okay. However, some rabbits cannot eat too many apples in a day due to the consequences that it can cause.

Is it safe to feed java apples to your pet rabbits?

Yes! Provided that they are healthy and ripe.

Where can I get java apple for my rabbits?

Rabbits are usually fed apples from the store. It’s not recommended that you buy them fresh, unless you are certain it is safe for your rabbit. If you have excess java apples then this wouldn’t be so bad to do but if there are many rabbits in your house you shouldn’t bother because it’s easy to feed them from the store.

What to do if your pet rabbits are sick from eating java apples?

If you suspect that your rabbit has consumed too much of the java apple then you should seek out a vet immediately.

Do rabbits like java apples?

Yes! Rabbits love them! Not only are java apples tasty but they are also good for rabbits. It’s important to note however that an apple a day won’t keep the vet away, so make sure you’re feeding your pet rabbits other healthy foods as well

4 steps to prepare java apple for rabbits

Step 1

Choose an apple that is ripe. Do not give them unripe or spoiled apples! Slice the apple into small pieces. Be sure they are small enough that your rabbit won’t choke on them but big enough that they can taste it. Don’t give your rabbit large pieces because this can cause digestive problems for him/her. Feed with their regular food (pellets, hay, etc).

Step 2

Give your rabbit one to two apple pieces a day until the entire apple is finished.

Step 3

Once you’ve given your rabbit the whole apple, don’t give it anymore for about three days so their digestive system has time to recover. These three days are also important so that you can figure out how your rabbit will react to the apple. If their stool becomes runny then stop feeding it apples!

Step 4

After this time has passed you can feed them another apple, but once again only a small piece of one or two pieces. Apple seeds contain arsenic so make sure there are no seeds in the apple pieces!

6 health benefits of java apple for rabbits

  1. Immunity Booster
  2. Anemia Treatment
  3. Lot Of Fiber
  4. Rich In Vitamin C
  5. Improving Eyesight
  6. Anti-Inflammatory Agent (pain reliever) and antioxidant properties

CAUTION: If you suspect that your rabbit has consumed too much of the apple and become sick then you should seek out a vet immediately.

How can I tell if my pet rabbits are sick from eating java apples?

Rabbits that are sick from eating too many apples will have diarrhea, may stop eating or show signs of lethargy. If this is the case then you should immediately seek a vet.

5 tips before giving java apples to rabbits

  1. Wait 3 days after they’ve finished their apple before feeding them another one. 2. Don’t give your rabbit more than 2 pieces of the apple per day! If they eat too much it can cause serious health problems and can even be fatal!
  2. Only feed healthy and ripe apples! Unripe or spoiled apples can make your rabbit sick and should never be fed to them!
  3. Cut up the apple into small pieces so they don’t choke on it.
  4. Don’t give your rabbit the entire apple at once- cut it up into small pieces like you would for a small or baby bunny.
  5. When feeding your rabbit the apple pieces, only give them one to two at a time and serve it with their regular food Source:

5 possible concerns when feeding java apples to rabbits

  1. Apple seeds contain arsenic so make sure there are no seeds in the apple pieces!
  2. Make sure there is no mold growing on the apple pieces before feeding it to your rabbit. Mold can make them sick or even kill them!
  3. If your rabbit has diabetes then you should be careful when feeding them apples because they are high in sugar content. This means that it could make their diabetes worse if fed too much.
  4. Make sure they are mature green or yellow apples-not red. Red apples are sour and aren’t good for your rabbit.
  5. The skin of the apple contains chemicals that can be harmful to your rabbits health so you should never give them the entire apple just the flesh.

6 signs pet rabbits are sick from feeding java apples

  1. They stop eating their food- this is a very common sign of illness from java apples.
  2. Lethargy- they seem very tired and don’t want to move around much.
  3. Diarrhea or other GI problems occur after feeding them java apples too often or in excess.
  4. Weight loss occurs due to the bad GI problems from the apples.
  5. You can see a small amount of blood in their stool which is also a common sign of ill health from java apples.
  6. Your rabbit starts to lose balance and falls over from weakness- this means that they have anemia from too many java apple treats. Anemia causes your rabbits red blood cells to become low which can lead to serious health problems and even death for your rabbit.

While Further Study Is Warranted

We hope you find the answers to your questions and if not, please leave a comment below. As always we appreciate any feedback and would love for you to share this blog post with others who might be interested in learning about Java Apples for their pet rabbits.

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