Pet Rabbits and Marshmallows: What You Need to Know

Pet Rabbits and Marshmallows: What You Need to Know

Do you have pet rabbits? If so, you may be wondering if it’s safe to give them marshmallows. In this blog post, we will answer all of your questions about marshmallows and rabbits!

What are marshmallows?

Marshmallows are a popular confection made of sugar and corn syrup, then flavored and covered in a sugary shell. They’re most commonly eaten on their own or roasted over a fire (and sometimes referred to as “mallow ars” because of this). Marshmallows can be eaten alone or used in drinks or even cookies! There are numerous brands of marshmallows available, including Mallomars, Jet-Puffed Marshmallows, Dandie’s Marshmallows and many more.

How often should I give my rabbits marshmallows?

Since moderation is key when it comes to giving your pet rabbit marshmallows, we recommend feeding them this treat no more than once per day.

How many marshmallows do rabbits eat a day?

The number of marshmallows your rabbits eat daily will depend on their size, activity level and overall health. Rabbits who are sick or older may only need one or two small marshmallows per day. Much like human treats, rabbits love eating marshmallows!

What marshmallows are safe for rabbits?

Homemade marshmallows that do not contain chocolate or xylitol are safe for rabbits. If you intend on feeding your rabbit store bought marshmallows, try to find one without artificial colors and flavors.

What is your experience feeding marshmallows to rabbits?

I’ve personally fed marshmallows to my pet rabbits, and they absolutely loved them! While rabbits can get sick if they eat too many marshmallows, this treat is generally safe for your rabbit. Just be sure to keep an eye on how much you feed him or her at each sitting!

Are marshmallows bad for rabbits?

Marshmallows aren’t necessarily bad for your pet rabbit, as long as they’re given in moderation. Like many other sweet treats, marshmallows can be addictive and this is something that you will want to keep an eye on if you feed them regularly.

Is it safe to feed marshmallows to your pet rabbits?

Marshmallows are generally safe for rabbits, however, there are a few things to keep in mind when feeding your rabbits this treat. First of all, make sure that the recipe you use does not include chocolate or xylitol. Since these two items may be toxic for rabbits, it is important to research the ingredients used in any recipes before feeding them to your bunny.
Another thing to keep in mind is that some types of homemade marshmallow could be dangerous, especially if the recipe does not include corn syrup. If you are planning on making your own marshmallows at home, make sure to only use recipes that call for corn syrup or powdered sugar instead of granulated sugar.

Where can I get marshmallows for my rabbits?

Marshmallows can be found at many grocery stores, convenience stores and large supercenters. Marshmallows are also very easy to find online. While marshmallows can be very easy to purchase, we recommend making your own marshmallows at home! This way you know exactly what is going into the recipe and you can feel confident feeding it to your rabbits.

What to do if your pet rabbits are sick from eating marshmallows?

Marshmallows typically aren’t dangerous for pet rabbits, however, there is a chance that some types of homemade marshmallow could be dangerous. It’s important to make sure that the recipe does not include anything that may be harmful to the rabbit such as chocolate or xylitol. If you notice that your rabbit is sick immediately after feeding him or her marshmallows, contact the veterinarian to discuss treatment options.

Do rabbits like marshmallows?

Many rabbits love eating marshmallows! Like humans, rabbits have a sweet tooth and enjoy eating candy and other sugary foods. Since marshmallows are made from sugar, they’re a popular choice as treats for pet rabbits. In fact, many owners give their rabbits either homemade or store bought marshmallows as a reward after completing tasks such as going to the bathroom outside of their cage.

Can pet rabbits eat marshmallows?

Pet rabbits can definitely eat marshmallows as a treat. As long as marshmallows are given in moderation, it should be fine to feed your rabbits this sweet treat occasionally. However, it is worth noting that while marshmallows can be safely consumed by pet rabbits, other members of the rabbit family should not.

Food family of marshmallows.

Marshmallows were first made in France and Germany, but now can be found throughout the world. There are numerous recipes for marshmallows, both homemade and store bought, so the exact ingredients may vary depending on where you shop.

5 good substitutes for marshmallows

If you’re unable to find a safe homemade recipe or store bought marshmallow treats, there are plenty of other natural treats that you can feed your rabbits! Here are 5 healthy treats that make excellent substitutes:

1. Banana and apple slices

Bananas and apples are healthy fruits that your rabbit can eat as a snack. Just make sure to cut them into small pieces so they’re easy for your pet to chew! Apple slices also taste great dipped in peanut butter!

2. Healthy veggies

Vegetables such as carrots, green beans and broccoli are healthy snacks for pet rabbits! Mix veggies or provide them separately as a fun, rabbit approved snack!

3. Carrot cake

Carrot cake is tasty treat that you can safely give your bunny. This recipe is very easy to make at home, just leave out any chocolate products!

4. Green bean casserole

Just like carrot cake, green bean casserole is a safe and delicious alternative to regular marshmallows. This recipe will give your rabbits a tasty treat that they can enjoy all year long!

5. Oatmeal raisin cookies

Want the convenience of regular store bought marshmallows but want something more healthy? Try making oat meal raisin treats instead! We like this recipe from Pawsome Bunny because it contains healthy ingredients and your fluffy friend will love the taste!

3 steps to prepare marshmallows for rabbits

  1. Let a package of store bought marshmallows thaw at room temperature. If you wish, you can also let homemade versions soak in water before feeding them to your rabbit.
  2. Cut up marshmallows into small pieces that are easy for your rabbit to chew.
  3. Feed them to your bunny!

6 health benefits of marshmallows for rabbits

  1. Helps maintain dental health because it stimulates the gums and teeth as they chew on the sugary treat. If you’ve ever given your pet rabbit a marshmallow, you’ll know how fun it is for them to chew!
  2. Provides your pet with an excellent source of energy. While rabbits should not be fed a lot of sugary treats, marshmallows provide a healthy dose of carbs that they need while also tasting delicious.
  3. Contains antioxidants found in chocolate and marshmallows that help fight off disease and cancer.
  4. Contains thiamin, a water-soluble B vitamin that helps keep your bunny’s digestive and nervous system healthy! This particular rabbit vitamin is found in rich quantities in marshmallows.
  5. Provides plenty of dietary fiber that rabbits need on a daily basis to maintain proper nutrition.
  6. Is a great source of calcium, which helps your pet grow strong bones and teeth! Just like humans need calcium to maintain healthy bones, rabbits also require this vitamin for proper bone structure.

3 Possible concerns when feeding marshmallows to rabbits

  1. May cause intestinal issues if given too often. While these sugary treats are not toxic to your pets, rabbits may have tummy troubles or diarrhea if given too many marshmallows.
  2. Contains a lot of sugar and can lead to tooth decay. Just like humans, rabbits can suffer from dental issues when eating sugary treats too frequently! For this reason, it’s important that you let them chew on natural treats that will stimulate their teeth and gums, such as carrots or apples.
  3. May not be suitable for young rabbits depending on the size of the marshmallow. Just like humans, it’s important to feed babies and toddlers smaller portions until they are big enough to eat larger treats!

5 signs of illness from feeding marshmallows to rabbits

  1. Diarrhea
  2. Increased thirst or urination
  3. Aggressive behavior, such as biting or attacking their owner’s hand when being petted
  4. Loss of appetite in the bunny who normally loves to chow down on all kinds of treats!
  5. Lethargy in an otherwise energetic and playful rabbit

5 Tips before giving marshmallows to rabbits

  1. Only feed your rabbit a small amount of marshmallow at a time. This helps prevent them from having gastrointestinal discomfort!
  2. Make sure that you give your pet plenty of hay and veggies alongside their marshmallow treat to help maintain healthy teeth and digestive behavior!
  3. Monitor the amount of marshmallows given to your pet. While these treats are not toxic to your furry friend, it’s important you give them only a small amount at a time instead of large servings.
  4. Do not give young rabbits or baby bunnies large marshmallow pieces, as they will likely choke and could develop stomach problems!
  5. Store marshmallows in the fridge or freezer to lengthen their life and prevent them from spoiling.

To Bring Things Together

We hope you found this article informative and fun to read. What are your thoughts on the topic? Share in the comments below!

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