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Rabbits and Dog Food: Health Benefits, Cautions, and Recipes for Feeding

Can pet rabbits eat dog food? Can you feed your pet rabbits with dog food? Can rabbits eat dog food? The answer to these questions is yes, but there are some things that you should know beforehand. This blog post will tell you all about the health benefits of feeding your pet rabbit with dog food, why it’s not safe for them to do so, and what else can be done in place of feeding them this type of diet.

Food family of dog food.

The food family of dog food is what you’ll be mainly feeding your pet rabbits. They have less fiber and more calories than an adult rabbit’s typical diet, but it can serve as a supplemental canine diet for your pet rabbits (and even some other pets) and give them the extra protein and nutrients they need to stay healthy. It is note worthy that rabbit food is typically 70% hay, while dog food is only 3%, so you’ll need to up the amount of hay they receive.

Can pet rabbits eat dog food?

Pet rabbits can eat dog food, but like all other foods, it must be monitored and fed in moderation to avoid over feeding them. This is because the high protein content of dog food isn’t good for adult pet rabbits; you will need to monitor their intake carefully to make sure that they do not get too much protein (which could lead to an upset stomach or other digestive issues) or too little fiber (which could lead to potentially fatal GI Stasis).
Getting your pet rabbits used to dog food can take time, but if you are patient enough it will be worth it. Many people who have tried doing this have had good results with their bunnies, making them healthier and happier. They also noticed that their rabbits’ coats got shinier and softer after they started feeding them this kind of food.

How to prepare dog food for rabbits?

You should always add other necessary nutrients such as hay and leafy greens, to avoid too much protein intake. You can also add fruits and vegetables to the mix if you want your bunny’s diet to be even healthier; just make sure that what you’re giving them is safe for them to have.

Do rabbits like dog food?

Many pet rabbits like the taste of dog food, but it is not recommended to feed your bunnies an exclusively canine diet because it lacks necessary fiber they need for good digestion.

Health benefits of dog food for rabbits

Pet rabbits need the extra protein and nutrients that dog food has, making it great as a supplemental diet (just make sure you’re cutting back on their regular rabbit chow to avoid any digestive issues). It’s also helpful because it increases your pet bunny’s appetite; they will be more likely to eat their regular rabbit chow if they also get some dog food on the side. Another benefit is that it makes your bunnies more energetic; they’ll be running around more and hopping like crazy.

Dog food can also help you out in making your pet rabbits less picky about their normal diet (not that this is necessarily a bad thing; sometimes rabbits are just really picky about the food they eat, which is why you should also give them hay and fresh veggies to make sure that their diet stays healthy).

Possible concerns when feeding dog food to rabbits?

Although dog food can provide health benefits for your pet rabbit, it is not completely safe for them to have. Some of the concerns you should keep in mind include: 

  1. Dog food’s higher protein levels, which can make your bunny sick if they eat it regularly (in small portions however, this should never be a problem). This could lead to an upset stomach or even GI Stasis; if your bunnies start showing any signs of digestive problems, take them to a veterinarian as soon as possible.
  2. Dog food can be very bad for your bunny’s teeth because it is dried and hard, causing indigestion and even dental problems if they’re eating too much of it. This could lead to malocclusion (crooked teeth) and make your bunnies more vulnerable to infections. So, make sure that you’re giving them a lot of hay as well.
  3. Some dog food brands may contain harmful substances such as artificial coloring or MSG (Monosodium Glutamate). To avoid this, buy dog food from a reputable brand and read all the labels carefully.
  4. Lastly, dog food is usually pretty high in salt, which can cause weight gain and lead to additional health problems for your pet bunnies. So you should only use moderation when giving it to them.

What to do if your pet rabbits is sick from feeding dog food?

If your rabbit starts showing any signs of sickness (such as digestive problems) after you start feeding them dog food, you should immediately take them to a vet (especially if they are not eating).

What is your experience feeding dog food to rabbits?

I have one rabbit who likes eating dog treats, but she doesn’t particularly care for regular dog food. I’ve never given her any because the only kind of dog food that’s sold around here is very high in protein, which isn’t good for rabbits since they can get bloated from it.

Are dog food bad for rabbits?

Yes, if fed in large amounts it can give your bunny diarrhea.

Signs pet rabbits is sick from feeding dog food?

Some signs are lethargy, diarrhea or lack of appetite if they are feeling sick because of the dog food.

Tips before giving dog food to rabbits.

Since it is high in protein, only use small amounts of dog food when mixing with regular rabbit chow. Every day, give about a tablespoon or two of dog food to your pet bunny mixed in with their regular rabbit diet (but make sure that this is not the only thing they’re getting to eat, since they need to have a variety of foods).

Make sure that you’re buying dog food from a reputable brand and that it’s grain-free. That way, you can avoid any kind of allergen or harmful chemical that could be included in the diet.

If your rabbit is used to eating dog treats, then this should not be a problem at all. Just make sure to give them small portions, and only the kind of dog food that they like (chicken flavored is usually best).

What dog food are safe for rabbits?

Rabbits should never eat fish-flavored or lamb-flavored dog food; those contain harmful chemicals that can make them sick.

Anything else?

If you think that your rabbit is starting to gain too much weight, talk with your veterinarian about other options for their diet. The vet can also help you if they start showing signs of lethargy or digestive problems after eating the dog food.
If your rabbits still insists on eating the dog food, then at least make sure that it’s fresh and high-quality by only giving them small amounts of the dry food. You should also remove any uneaten portions after a couple hours because it will start to take on moisture from the air and get stale.

Where can I get dog food for my rabbits?

You can find dog food for rabbits at your local pet store. Most brands are available online, but if you have a problem finding one that is made for rabbits in your area, then try looking at the horse food section instead.
You can find a variety of dry dog foods at most pet stores.

How often should I give my rabbits dog food?

You should only feed your pet rabbits dog food in small amounts, once or twice a week.

Mixing dog food with healthy foods

One of the best ways to give your pet rabbits dog food without risking them getting sick from it is to simply mix a small amount of the dry dog food in with their regular rabbit diet. You can do this by placing some of the dog food over their regular pellets, or you could create a completely separate meal for them by creating a small mixture of the two foods.

What you should do is take some pellets and place them on a flat surface, then sprinkle just a little bit of the dog food over the top to create a separate layer. You can also grind up pieces of carrots or lettuce to put in between the layers so that the different foods are separated.

This method is an easy way to give your rabbits dog food while still maintaining a healthy diet for them. By mixing the pellets with dry dog food, you can provide some extra vitamins and minerals so that they don’t get sick from eating just their regular rabbit chow. This also saves you money because instead of having to purchase two separate kinds of food, you only need to buy one.

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